About Us


Gradescope lets instructors save time on grading so that they can do more of what matters – teaching! With Gradescope, students receive faster and more detailed feedback on their work, and instructors can see detailed assignment and question analytics.

We got started in the Computer Science department of UC Berkeley to fill our own need in teaching a course on Artificial Intelligence. Most CS, Math, and Chemistry classes at Berkeley now use our platform, and we're quickly expanding to many more schools and departments!

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please email us. High-res logos, photos, and screenshots are available in our press kit.


We're growing and looking for talented, passionate teammates. Our current jobs are listed on AngelList. If you're interested in the full-stack developer role, please take our quiz. And always feel free to reach out!


Arjun Singh, Co-founder & CEO
Sergey Karayev, Co-founder
Ibrahim Awwal, Co-founder
Pieter Abbeel, Co-founder
Kevin Gutowski, UI/UX Design
Michael Ball, Software Engineer
Karen Ling, Software Engineer
Olga Stadie, Customer Happiness
Saurabh Chandra, Software Engineer
Gal Friedman, Growth
Dibyo Majumdar, Software Engineer
Jerry Kennedy, Institutional Partnerships
Andy Edwards, Institutional Partnerships
Melissa King, Institutional Partnerships