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Gradescope streamlines the tedious parts of grading so you can focus on what you do best: giving great feedback.

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How it Works

Scan and upload assignments

Scan & upload work

Grade assignments online

Grade online

See detailed statistics of graded assignments

View statistics

Easily return graded assignments online

Return graded work

Grade Faster

Grade from anywhere, on any computer. Use hotkeys to grade faster while still giving detailed feedback.

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Teach Better

See question and rubric-level statistics to better understand what your students know.

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Better Feedback, Delivered Instantly

Return graded assignments with a single click*, and handle regrade requests without holding office hours.

* Gradescope is FERPA compliant: students must log in to see their work.
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Over 12 million pages of work graded

Headshot of Andrew Gillette

Andrew Gillette
University of Arizona

“Gradescope gives me the flexibility to grade and return papers from anywhere, making it much easier for me to keep up with my teaching responsibilities.”

Headshot of Dan Garcia

Dan Garcia
Computer Science
UC Berkeley

“Gradescope is the best ed tool to come by in the last 5 years. I ask myself how I ever did without it. It totally transforms the grading experience.”

Headshot of Warren Hoburg

Warren Hoburg
Aeronautics & Astronautics

“Gradescope is rocket fuel for grading. My students love getting feedback just a few hours after their quizzes—a pace I can only achieve with Gradescope.”

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